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Wood Pellets 

Calientitos and Tiny T'embers 



Out of the Woods Manufacturing is proud to offer two different brands of pellets. These are distinctly different products packaged in distinctly different bags.

Calientitos ​  ($372.00 per ton after taxes)

  • Calientitos (little hot ones) Premium Wood Pellets are manufactured from wood residue gathered from The MTM Sawmill. Calientitos are consistently tested and meet or exceed premium pellet standards.

Tiny T’Embers  ($357.00 per ton after taxes)

  • Tiny T’Embers Premium Wood Pellets are a special blend. They are the “greenest” pellets on the market today! Tiny T’Embers are manufactured from wood waste, this includes cut-offs from truss manufacturers, framing contractors, pallet manufacturers, and many other businesses that have clean wood waste available. 



This beautiful material is used to end up in the landfill! Now it is blended with the excess wood from our sawmill to create premium wood pellets.


Our pellet plants process sawmill sawdust and chips resulting from forest restoration harvesting in high-risk fire-prone forests, as well as clean recyclable wood waste. No old-growth timber is used in our manufacturing process. Our pellet plant is helping save both New Mexico landfills and New Mexico Forests!

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