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Out of the Woods Manufacturing!




A wood processing and manufacturing plant based out of Albuquerque, New Mexico!


We accept clean wood waste from a variety of sources. Open to any person or entity wishing to be involved in the recycling process.


We process wood into a variety of environmentally friendly products.


These include:

  • Clean Burning Wood Pellets (Calientitos & Tiny T'embers)

  •  Garden Mulch

  • “Poof N Scoop” which is our premium fragmented animal bedding (product contains only virgin Ponderosa Pine from the sawmill – no recycled material is included.)

  • IPEMA Certified Playground Chips

  • Smoker Pellets: (Product contains a hardwood blend with all-natural flavors  – no recycled material is included.)


What is clean wood and what do we charge?

What we can accept: Clean, dry wood. This can usually include truss manufacturing cut-offs, 2x4,2x6, etc. etc., woodblocks, sawdust, shavings, small amounts of plywood and or particleboard. We can even accept wood with some nails or screws in it.


What we cannot accept: Wood treated with any chemicals, used in forming concrete, covered in dirt, very old wood (usually has heavy dirt content)wet wood, or tree trimmings. (We CAN accept CLEAN Christmas trees)


Our clean wood grinding service is not free but it is cheap! Generally, our prices are roughly one half the cost of our local landfills.

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