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At Out of the Woods Manufacturing, we are dedicated to giving above and beyond service to our clients and offer great quality products at a great price!

We offer many products including home heat pellets "Calientitos and Tiny T'embers."  manufactured using material gathered through our forest restoration efforts with a percentage of clean untreated wood added through our urban wood recycling program.

The remainder of our products are produced from materials sourced completely from our forest restoration work in the Cibola National Forest. This includes (IPEMA) International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association Certified Playground Chips and BedSpread Bagged Garden Mulch (The BedSpread brand includes: Walk on bark, Red and Brown colored garden mulch and Pecan shell mulch)

Our Company also produces Flavors of the Southwest, a BBQ smoker pellet that will bring a new and unique experience to the grilling scene!


Out  of  the  Woods Manufacturing

Home Heating Pellets 

Winter Is Coming!

Important info 2022

Unfortunately, the fires New Mexico experienced this past summer causing fire restrictions have affected our company's supply chain. Due to shutdowns caused by these restrictions, supplies on both Tiny T'embers as well as Calientitos are very limited.

You may find our pellets at the retailers listed below, but please call them ahead of time to ensure they have the pellets in stock as demand is very high.

Pellet sales from Out of the Woods Manufacturing are not guaranteed this season to the public, as we try to keep up with retailer demand. We will produce more inventory through the season, but please call ahead to check availability. 

505-877-0890 ext. 4 or 5



Our Home Heater Pellets, Tiny T'embers and Calientitos are sourced locally both from restoration work we do in our national forests as well as clean urban wood waste, free of any chemicals, dyes, or additives!

This product is clean, natural, efficient and helps benefit our environment as a renewable source of fuel and heat!


Our home heating pellets are only available for purchase by the ton! You can find select retail locations carrying these products by the bag!

Retailers Selling our pellets:

TT Cut out.png
Cali Cutout.png
RSM Bag cut out.png
  • Bold flavors ready to be infused into your food of choice.

  • Sourced and produced locally! 

  • Red Chile BBQ Pellets COMING SOON!

Become a valuable part of our organization by becoming a Flavors of the Southwest Distributor.  

Call (505) 287-9469 ext. 1 or 4

Pistachio Cut out.png

Wood Recycling Program 

*We may reject wood if it does not meet our requirements!

If you have spare wood you would like to get discard we will take it off your hands for no charge if brought to our Albuquerque location 4205 William St SE.

This wood is recycled and metered in to produce our home heating pellets, Tiny T'embers.


Wood We Do Accept 

The wood we accept must meet various requirements 

  • Truss cut-offs

  • Clean pallets (No Plywood)

  • Shims

  • Clean untreated wood. (No Paints, Dyes, or Chemicals)

  • Wood with nails and screws


Wood We Do Not Accept

The wood we do not accept has been treated with paints, stains, or chemicals in any form.


Other types of wood we Do Not accept:

  • Plywood

  • Particleboard

  • Any form of cardboard

  • Wood treated with paint/chemicals/dyes or stains.

  • Wood that is too dirty or weathered

About Us

BBQ Smoker Pellets

Now Avaialable!

Eliminating Wood Waste

Our company has helped keep roughly 10 Million pounds of wood waste from piling up in landfills annualy. Turning this wood waste into a clean and efficient product!

Our Mission

Protection and Restoration 

Our restoration efforts in the Cibola National forest are directed to and have helped protect our local watersheds from catastrophic fires, protecting the endangered species that use these lands and rivers as their homes.

Adding Fire Resilience to the Land 

In our efforts to restore the forests to old-growth like conditions, we have removed dangerous piles of excess wood waste and harvest small-diameter trees that overcrowd parts of the forests! 

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