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Check out our premium pellet selection! We have a variety of pellets to choose from.

From home heating pellets, pellets made for horse/animal bedding, Critter Litter, and our newest addition smoker pellets! 



Smoker Pellets coming soon!

Important information!

Due to the Corona Virus, we are unfortunately unable to carry out deliveries at this time as we are short handed. 

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Please inquire with us about pellet availability!

Home Heating Pellets 

Winter Is Coming!



Our Home Heater Pellets, Tiny T'embers and Calientitos are sourced locally both from restoration work we do in our national forests as well as clean urban wood waste, free of any chemicals, dyes, or additives!

This product is clean, natural, efficient and helps benefit our environment as a renewable source of fuel and heat!


Our home heating pellets are only available for purchase by the ton! You can find select retail locations carrying these products by the bag!

Retailers Selling our pellets:

Wood Recycling Program 

*We may reject wood if it does not meet our requirements!


In light of world events and the current state of our nation, we have waived all fees related to our wood recycling program.

if you have spare wood you would like to get discard we will take it off your hands for no charge, if brought to our Albuquerque location 4205 William St SE.

This wood is recycled to produce our home heating pellets, Tiny T'embers.


Wood We Do Accept 

The wood we accept has to meet various requirements when it comes to quality. Most woods we accept are:

  • Truss cut-offs

  • Clean pallets (No Plywood)

  • Shims

  • Clean untreated wood. (No Paints, Dyes, or Chemicals) 

Wood We Do Not Accept 

Wood we do not accept has been treated with paints, stains or chemicals in any form.


Other types of wood we Do Not accept:

  • Plywood

  • Particleboard

  • Any form of cardboard

  • Wood treated with paint/chemicals/dyes or stains.

  • Wood that is too dirty or weathered

Smoker Pellets

About Us

Eliminating Wood Waste

Our company has helped keep roughly 10 Million pounds of wood waste from piling up in landfills. Turning this wood waste into a clean and efficient product!


Protection and Restoration 

Our restoration efforts in the Cibola National forest is directed to and has helped protect our local watersheds from catastrophic fires, protecting the endangered species that use these lands and rivers as their homes.

Adding Fire Resilience to the Land 

In our efforts to restore the forests to old-growth like conditions, we have removed dangerous piles of excess wood waste and harvest small-diameter trees that overcrowd parts of the forests! 

JPEG image-ED7F9F087A20-1.jpeg

We have a limited quantity of smoker pellets available for purchase from our Albuquerque location @ 4205 William St SE

These samples are available! $7.99 for a 15lb bag of Flavors of the Southwest!

First come first served!

Our current flavor available is:

Rosemary Hardwood Blend

When you arrive on location please ask any of our team members about Flavors of the Southwest!




Available in select retail stores and on location!



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